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SHOWGUNs Rock UFC September 5, 2007

Ultimate Light leads the Ultimate Fight
Twelve SHOWGUNs in the rig shine onto the ring and beyond at the Ultimate Fighting Championship recently at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Live Earth New York Concert, Giants Stadium July 7, 2007

LD Patrick Dierson:
"I just want to express my sincere thanks to all of you and your
teammates who not only helped make Live Earth a success but also for
putting out such a great product in the ShowGun!

Lighting director Joey Bradley, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi:

"These lights kick a**! I was blown away when I was able to focus our
logo on a cloud! That did it for me. This is the best fixture I've ever seen.


DL.2 Digital Light

Takes digital lighting to the next level, featuring an integrated digital media server.

Muse 2006 tour " LD Oli Metcalfe"

Marco de Koff, Flashlight:
after our very interesting visit to the Austin factory last year and
meeting Richard Belliveau, we had no doubt that High End would come up
with something special again. And indeed they did

Tragically Hip

Thinking 'out of the box' with DL.2s
Brent Clark specs 12 units for 'World Container' tour

A Look at Heaven and Hell

"The DL.2s are so versatile that for a nearly two-hour show, new images and stock footage continues to alter the look of the three centrally dedicated arch projection
windows and all encompassing Gothic stage set.

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