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DL.2's spherical mapping

LD Alistair: "What a little power house this is. I found the Studio Command [1200]
to be brighter than the M**2K and the beam is almost perfectly flat and
reads really well all the way along the beam.
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"The DL2's are amazing. Aside from the unlimited graphics and video

LeAnn Rimes

LD Steve Fallon, LeAnn Rimes 2006 tour:
"The Studio Commands are doing a fantastic job. The beam shape and
color temperature alone make the light look amazing. The light seems so
crisp, I am using them a lot for uplighting some real trees we have on
stage as props, but i am making use of the electronic shutter in them.

Snow Patrol Tours

"Video and lights were working in complete harmony"
January 25, 2007

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