From the previous page of bodywork changes you'll notice that we tried adding a mud flap to the rear quarter panel.  We needed to find a way to get some coverage on that rear tire - otherwise rocks were going to fly every where and chip the new paint. 

It became aparnet after adding the front quarter panels that this mud flap thing just didn't flow with the body style.  While we were working on the opposite rear quarter panel, Richard Wood of Custom Car Crafters, had an idea to stretch the bottom of the rear quarter panel of the body outwards.  We instantly loved it.
You can see in this picture how much of the rear tire is showing before we stretch the rear quarter panel.
Here is a shot with the rear quarter panel modification we preferred.  We simply pulled out the rear quarter panel. 

Ahhhh..much better!

You can see Richard Wood pulling out the rear quarter panel while Joe Payne (body work specialist) looks on.
Here's another shot with the rear quarter panel pulled out.  We gained about 3 inches of width on that side.
Here is the driver's side front quarter being fitted and measured.  
Here's the passenger side front quarter being fitted and measured. 
The car is now close to 6 inches wider in the front.  But we have noticed that when these custom fenders are installed in the relaxed position the front of the car as measured by the tram guage is 1/2 inch wider than the rear of the car.  Nope.....we can't settle for that.  So we are going to take the fenders off and do some very careful custom work to reduce the overall width of the front without distorting any important body lines. 

You can see the custom 67 stinger hood which is raised 3/4 inch.  More on that to come.
This shot shows the passenger side rear quarter panel with the old mud flap idea.  Here we are holding the rear bumper up against the custom fender (in its relaxed position) to show that it will not fit. The bumper, shown here, is not able to flush up against its mounts because the end of the bumper is intersecting the rear quarter panel.

Actually, even when we pull the rear quarter panel out for the preferred look it doesn't change the fit of the bumper much.  However, in both cases the bumper has to be modified.  We will pie cut the bumper and change the bumpers radius.  More on this soon. (what a pain)