Here are recent pictures of the continued custom body work performed on my 66.  I needed to check one more time that my wheels were selected with good offset for good clearance.  The tire sizes are rear 335/30 ZR18 and front 275/35 ZR18.  Many thanks to Joe Payne of Custom Car Crafters for all his hard work.  At the moment we are sharpening the body lines and finishing the primer before the 5 speed transmission and 540 stroker is installed.  After the installation of the engine and transmission the 66 will go back to paint.


Here's Joe making sure the hood is flat and he is customizing the fit of the standard 67 hood chrome insert.


Here's the raised hood on the car - but we still need to level it with the rest of the body.  However, we're getting a close fit.  The area under the chrome insert will be painted black to match the black area of the chrome insert.  As you can see the hood scoop is almost 1" higher than stock.


Here's what the new quarter panel looked like when we first installed it.  Too much tire visible from the rear for my taste.  Can you say Mud Slinger?


Here is Richard Wood the owner and creative person of Custom Car Crafters working with the rear quarter panel to get the kind of  look that we all gave a thumbs up to! 


Here's the rear shot of the car under prime.


Here's the shot of the rear quarter.  As you can see the 335/30 ZR18 is fitting comfortably.


Here you can see the new Colorado Custom Wheels with Carriage Works knockoff Spinners.


Here's the side view.  We're a little high in the front since there is no engine or transmission installed.


Here's the front shot.  There are two different tires - the tire on the right is the correct 275/35 ZR18 tire.


I'm not sure if you can see in this picture, but the louvers in the front quarter panel actually flare outwards towards the tire.  This avoids too much exposure of the tire outside of the fender.  This required some custom work to form the fender in this manner.


Here again is Joe Payne the guru that's made this project a reality so far.



The rear bumpers for the car have been lengthened and chromed and are ready to be fitted after paint.  The overall width of the car now is 4-5" wider than stock.