Corvette C2 LED Tail lights

I have been testing LED lamp assemblies for a while but not had much luck.  The ones in the auto parts store are junk.  This company makes some good product like these LED 1157 replacements that I will say are high quality but just don't have the punch that I desired.




Shown on the trunk lid of my 98 C5 Convertible are two new C2 complete taillights in brake mode.
Left assembly uses a stock 1157 lamp.   Right assembly is a Radiantz pig tail 48 LED module.
Found at








Read this:


We move back a little further and add the C5 brake lights for a comparison.















Now we compare the running lights















Here is what the Radiantz 48 LED module looks like next to the taillight assembly. 
The three leads are Stop, Running and Ground.











The back of the Radiantz 48 LED assembly has a convenient double stick tape.















It fits perfectly! 











Comments:  In certain angles 1157 assembly looks to be brighter than the Radiantz LED module.  But this is only in a very narrow projected band of the filament itself.  Off of this narrow projected band including up to a wider angle the Radiantz LED module looks brighter and fuller and much more red. 
One of the problems I have seen in the past is the C2 taillights seem to have a double triangle like projection from the brake/running lights.  The LED module is uniform but also projects a really nice pattern that needs to be seen in person.
The running light created by the LED module are much better than the 1157 while still maintaining a large difference between stop and running.
Well there it is.. easy to install.  You will have to connect the pigtails.  Also you might consider a little removable sealant in the old socket hole.
Don't forget that the reaction time for LED brake lights is supposed be much safer than filament.
I plan on doing four of these on the 66.