While the engine is out I had the roll bar installed.  Please excuse the dirt!
The seats are made by ProCar.  The shoulder seat belts are made by Securon in England.
Another view of the Securon seat belts and the roll bar.  You can also see the Kenwood CD changer.
Rear suspension by Vette Brakes with Bilstein Shocks.  Ouch - the sway bar is close but it clears.
Off set trailing arm.
It was easy to jack the front end up without an engine!
Front suspension by Vette Brakes. 
2x4 not included.
I am removing these 3" Stainless Works Side Pipes but I wanted to show that they fit behind the side covers.
Sorry about the wire, but we have to hold the side pipe up since the engine is out.
I wanted to show this passenger side mirror.  I removed the stock flat mirror that was useless.  I bought a convex mirror and had it cut to size by a water jet.  Then installed the convex mirror into the mirror mount.  It works really great and highly recommend it.  Now I can see on that side!